General, Restorative and Complex Dental Services from Dental Designs of Washington.

Whether it’s an annual dental checkup, scheduled teeth cleaning, the treatment of an occasional cavity or teeth whitening, or perhaps a dental procedure that’s a little more complex and involved like tooth extraction, root canal therapy, crowns, bridgework, dentures or specialized dental implants, the guiding principle behind everything we do at Dental Designs is simple:

Improved Quality of Life Through High-Quality Dental Health and Treatment.

And while we’re certain that’s a claim made by many, we want you to know at Dental Designs of Washington, we generally take a little more time with our patients to determine an individual course of action for general dentistry, restorative procedures or more complex dental challenges.

Working together explaining your options, we’ll plan for immediate, short-term or long-term dental health. It doesn’t cost extra — that’s just how we roll.

Say Aaaah. You Can Relax And Really Talk To Us
At Dental Designs.

Please take a moment to see what dental health services and procedures we offer — both within our practice, and through our close association with trusted nearby dentistry partners.

Never hesitate to simply reach out to us with a question or concern about your teeth, your dental health or any problems you or a loved one may be experiencing.